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-----------------------PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ BEFORE ORDERING-------------------------------------------------------MUST DOWNLOAD SIGNAL APP----------------------------------        FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS MUST SEND LOCATION & TEXT/EMAIL PICTURE OF YOU HOLDING YOUR I.D SO I CAN SEE YOUR FACE AND YOUR I.D TO VERIFY YOUR AGE IS 19+Hello and thank you for contacting, TheKushCrib. I would like to personally thank all the great people I have met and welcomed all the new customers to my page. Thanks to everyone for your patience and respect. I hope these requirements are easy to understand and help to speed up the delivery process.Menu Description AAAA--Quads or highest strain available on menu 10/10AAA--High Trips or high grade available on menu 8-10/10REg-- Mid to low grades available on menu 5-10/10Please note that the percentages listed for strains are an *Average* Based on each strain listed.                                 ----------------DELIVERY FEE IN EFFECT-----------------     ----------------------------------------Brampton: ONLY $10----------------------------------  MAIN #--------------------------------📱647--745--1-420📱------------------------------MAIN #                    MAIL ORDER--- is available for surrounding areas. Please inquire about mailing options and payment methods.  Please call for quotes on deliveries outside of the GTA• FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS MUST TEXT/EMAIL PICTURE OF YOU HOLDING YOUR I.D SO I CAN SEE YOUR FACE AND YOUR I.D TO VERIFY YOUR AGE IS 19+. NO TEXTING APP NUMBERS FOR FIRST ORDER (And Yes I Can See When Your Messaging From a Texting App) • Min. $30 and Max order of $80.00 for First-Time orders.• Cash ONLY First-Time Orders• After First order we accept payments by Debit and Etransfer. (0.25 fee) • Please CALL if you DO NOT receive an answer to your text message. (I COULD BE DOING A DELIVERY AND CANNOT TEXT!!) • Orders of 5 or more different strains subject to $5.00 order fee.• ORDERS AT PEEK HOURS; 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm, EXPECT DELAYS. BEST TIME TO PLACE ORDERS ARE IN THE MORNING.• All orders Outside of the Brampton area are subject to a $20.00. DELIVERY FEE  and  $10 Within. All Deliveries must be to a verified address only• All Deliveries must be to a verified address only PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A DELIVERY OUTSIDE OF THE GTA. At the Kush Crib, we rate and check all the Kush we can find all across Canada!!!!! You can be 100% sure that all cannabis is tested and reviewed by Kush smokers you can relate too and trust. All street cannabis is tested and rated for true cannabis smokers who want the real deal.  At the Kush Crib, you will understand the weed you are smoking with descriptions you can relate to. ADD US ON INSTAGRAM/TWITTER FOR DAY TO DAY UPDATES BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!!! I. INSTAGRAM: thekushcrib II. TWITTER: thekushcrib III. FACEBOOK: GTAkushking for quick response call or Text:  647-745-1-420📱
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