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Reginald Stanfield is the CEO and head horticulturist of JustinCredible Cultivation, a Massachusetts cannabis cultivator. To launch a successful cannabis cultivation facility, one requires a significant amount of planning, resources, and initiative. Launching during a worldwide pandemic, however, makes things infinitely harder but that was the unfortunate reality for Massachusetts-based JustinCredible Cultivation when they were finally approved to open last year. Reginald recently joined our podcast host TG Branfalt to discuss his entrepreneurial journey toward the cannabis space, the lessons he learned along the way, and stories from the founding and creation of JustinCredible Cultivation, which is the first minority-owned general business applicant to open a cannabis cultivation facility on the East Coast. This interview also covers securing investments, Reginald's tips for building a scrappy and effective C-suite team, what he looks for when hiring new employees, and more! Topics covered in this podcast: www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/massachusetts www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/cultivation www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/investing www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/entrepreneurs For a full transcript: www.ganjapreneur.com/reginald-stanfield-roadmap-for-launching-a-successful-cannabis-cultivation-facility Subscribe to our newsletter: www.ganjapreneur.com/subscribe/ Follow us on socials: Instagram - www.instagram.com/ganjapreneur Facebook - www.facebook.com/ganjapreneur LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/ganjapreneur Twitter - www.twitter.com/ganjapreneur YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/ganjapreneur Visit our homepage: www.ganjapreneur.com

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