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TADS091021 - Adam Dunn Show - 09 - 10 - 21

September 10, 2021
AS PROMISED WE ARE HAVING A BREEDER HEAVY SHOW BROUGHT TO YOU BY SEEDS HERE NOW We have @rust.brandon from @BOKASHIEARTHWORKS Brandon has had a wild ride in the cannabis world both good and bad but it got him to realize that there is a better way and now he helps other farmers figure it out ....with a little less drama in their lives Flying in after that we will be joined by JIMMY TOUCAN the man behind BLACKBIRD PRESERVATION with an eye on old school and landrace genetics we are sure to go down the rabbit hole on this one, Checking in from the Road JAMEZ BEAN is on the scene at HARVEST FEST in Oklahoma @hhl_harvest_fest a 3 day cannabis festival @ camp copperhead we will check it out with Jamez and I’m sure their will be a surprise guest or two Rounding up the show our good friend @ROSINDOGS has just gone through IDA and his @HIPPOHYDRO store was heavily flooded he has always been a big supporter of ADS and we want to return the favor. There are big things in the future For HIPPO HYRO and we will hopefully be the first to find out So tune in but don’t tune out we’ll I’m sure a little when Dave is blathering and join us 4:20ish to 7:10 MT YouTube.com/adamdunnshow #bokashiearthworks #blackbirdpreservation #seedsherenow #hippohydro #rosindogs #jamezbeanmanonthescene #sagemastaselect #area420party

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