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Last month when we were in Oklahoma we had one guest that couldn’t make it and that might have been a good thing , because we need a lot more time with him as he has so much to talk about with multiple projects in all levels of Cannabis and Hemp the Man we are talking about is RYAN EARLY his product @bluemagicusa was just approved in Oklahoma and has also been approved in the largest cannabis producer in the world and now legal market of Mexico, we will also delve into his other CBD preservation program “PROJECT HEMP FOR VICTORY” Where he collected over 100 wild US cannabis strains an Dec did full analytical test on them. Believe me this is the tip of the iceberg with this man so expect some deep rabbit holes. We will also have JOSH MANNING From Chattanooga Tenn. Josh is fighting for his business @SNAPDRAGON.HEMP which is absolutely slaying it with Delta 8 sales new legislation is looking to outlaw Delta 8 on a federal level. Manning was quoted recently in Forbes we will chop it up with Josh and see where he thinks this market is heading. And of course let’s not forget it’s the last Friday if the month sk you know what that means it’s @illuminarlighting monthLY GIVEAWAY ! So make sure you know the word of the month found on illuminars IG page And if you haven’t yet send us a quick note telling us why you need a Iluminar light in your life at - [ ] So pack that bowl ,Roll that joint or get that rig heated up and join Dave MTI and I for another installment of The Adam Dunn Show - [ ] #sagemasta - [ ] #bluemagic - [ ] #hempyregenetics - [ ] #snapdragonhemp - [ ] #Area420 - [ ] #cannected - [ ] #21hoursless

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