Thursday, June 14

So I have a question. I never enjoyed smoking. Always paranoid after. I’ve recently been learning about different strains for different issues. I have arthritis in my lower back and hip and some nerve damage as well. Pain can keep me down a lot. I bought a vape pen I like it a lot. Good flavor but the pain relief is no where close to what I want. The product is the Paris OG FROM THClear. Can someone tell me a good product just a bit stronger?


Bubba Kush, King Louis, True OG, Sky Walker OG; all indica. I would stronly recommend trying CBD. Leafy has a great data base where I research on strains. CBD try more on the side of least THC as possible for counter acting paranoid feelings.


Thanks so much!


Hi I am a pain patient myself and have been mixing matching trying and tasting for about two years. My best advice would be to try strains that are Indica or hybrid high in CBD only. This will alleviate the problem with paranoia and help a lot with pain. Some of the strains recommended to you are good to knock yourself out but don’t really help with the pain. You really need to try the products that are high in CBD and either low THC or almost an even amount to promote the Calm feeling the medicine can offer you. If you don’t like to smoke flower or vape it the cartridges are OK but I would really try learning to vape flower it definitely is the most natural and most effective way to enjoy and relieve the pain. The Pax 3 is a very good vaporizer for flower and concentrate. It is expensive but I find it works much better than the pens and taste better and when you get the hang of it it really is much less expensive. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Stony usually is a good source for high CBD flower and other products as well. Good luck hang in there.


Thx for that info I’m also in much discomfort and liking for better pain relief.

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