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Monday, February 5

When is the next 30% discount?! Hurry Stoney!


I'd love to know as well. I just archived two of my discount messages, have your tried just Cart10? I guessed at one and it gave me %20 off. But you can only use it once. I will wait for my MMIC card so I don't pay taxes. Believe it or not I voted NO on this "recreational Mj" prop 76 or whatever because I don't think people read the whole 10 page memo about the increased taxes and stuff. I already am in process of getting the last card to not pay that 30% tax and I'm a medical patient. It was so much easier and cheaper before this law went into effect and now everyone who voted is whining. I didn't want recreational as it was going well already, now governement gets to tax you guys %35, now me, I'll be doing %10 regular tax with MMiC and my rec.


But yeah how do you access the "archives" messages? That'd be a big help to me and maybe if you haven't tried that %20 off code yet I will just tell you what I guessed and sure enough, %20 off, I never once ordered using FreeWeed or basically without a discount


Ibtried the old codes they dont work. I also have medical

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Sometimes if u put stuff in ur cart and leave it there they will sent u a email saying u forgot something and sometimes it has a promo code in it.

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