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About Posh Green

Posh Green Collective was founded by a woman, Reese Benton, who is a San Francisco native . It provides patients of the Collective with the best medical/recreational cannabis, extractions, edibles and other medicinal medicine possible. You can find that some of our edibles are diabetic friendly, gluten free and vegan. All of our cannabis products comes from the best out here! The founder herself use medical cannabis for her condition so, she is always in search of the best and innovative items for the Collective! Posh Green take pride in what we offer and make sure our flowers, concentrates and all items are tested so it meets our standards and the states so you can know the quality you’re receiving without worrying. Our name is " Posh" for lots of reasons. We only provide the best for the best! Our selection is always top shelf premium some items change but we will keep what you love the most of course. She pride herself with providing the best customer service. Just call us the "Nordstrom of cannabis"!​

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