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Roses Black Label Live Resin Sauce - Beezle
Sativa Hybrid
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Triangle Kush x Shrom x PSA
From Beezle: "Our live resin products are all made using the same process: we harvest plants at their peak ripeness, quickly freeze them, and extract them at sub-zero temperatures. This cold process allows us to retain more of the terpenes and other aromatic compounds than is possible from dry plant material, which leads to a more flavorful dabbing experience. Though the process is the same, there are a couple different textures that you may see from us: Live Batter – this texture is opaque and looks almost exactly like cake batter, with a sumptuous, smooth, creamy quality to it that makes it super easy to get onto the dabber Live Budder – a budder is similar to a batter except that it is more of a sliceable texture, allowing for easy storage and offering a very similar dabbing experience to batter Live Sugar – this texture undergoes the same chemical process that our sauces do, except certain varieties produce a higher THC final product, making the appearance more like a pile of slightly sticky, golden sugar grains Whether you like the ease of use provided by a soft batter or the extra THC boost of a sugar, Beezle makes a live resin texture that is perfect for you!"

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