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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 99 High Tide a medical cannabis collective only or recreational as well?

Currently we are permitted to take medical patients only. On November 6th, recreational cannabis in Malibu was on the ballot and passed so we are in the process of getting our permit for recreational sales from both the city & the state. This will take a bit of time and with the recent fires in Malibu is taking longer than expected but we expect to be permitted by 2019! You can become a medical patient by signing up with for a trusted medical marijuana card online. No appointment necessary for only $39. If you do this process, we will give you a $10 store credit and if your purchase is over $99 you will get a $20 store credit so that it will cost you less. We hope we can sign you up as a member with us in our collective right away! Those 18 - 20 years old will need to maintain the medical patient status with us and your medical marijuana doctor. 

Does 99 High Tide have parking?

Yes you can pull into the parking lot at 22775 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu 90265. Please only park in the spots with our parking sign posted. Do not park in the surf shop or veterinarian parking spots. Vendors and deliveries please do not park in the 15 minute customer parking spots near the palm trees instead at the back by the southern hedges. 

Can I talk to someone about starting new business with 99 High Tide?

Thank you for your interest in doing business with 99 High Tide!  We love making connections with like minded business people who bring a higher consciousness to the cannabis industry and the world! Thanks for reviewing the following protocol. It helps us all to use our time wisely. 
High Tidings!
First and foremost, please review the following standards to see if we are a good fit:
We only carry products derived from pesticide free, synthetic nutrient free cannabis. 
We do not carry products that contain artificial ingredients such as corn syrup.
We strive for the most high integrity natural ingredients free of animal products.
We are wellness focused.
We strive for aesthetically pleasing, natural/beachy, high end, compliant packaging.
We only work with fully licensed vendors.
We are primarily a female owned and operated business, and we embrace a feminine work ethos. We work with businesses people who respect women, and who uphold high standards for safety, ethical communication and HR policy. 
We are looking for partnerships who can offer us net terms, preferably 30 day agreements. 
If you meet these standards, please send us an email!

Sales phone calls and drop-ins by new vendors are against protocol and WILL NOT be received by our management team. The first step MUST be an email following the steps below:

ALL inquiries for new partnerships must be sent via email to with the following protocol:

Write in the SUBJECT LINE: 
NEW BUSINESS (in caps): (Your company name, not in caps)

Include brief info about the products or services you are selling and how they meet our standards,
Any promotional offers,
Link your company website,
Your contact information and name.

Please ATTACH or type in your sales sheet and license information.

Emails that are missing any of the above protocol will land in our spam folder. 

We review new business emails weekly and will get in touch with vendors who we are ready to work with at our discretion. Vendors who meet our quality standards and have sent a protocoled email may quickly drop off compliant samples at the shop location, but these are simply received at the front desk. They MUST be paired with protocoled email, and this is NOT the time for a sales pitch. Drop ins and sample drop offs will not have a manager meeting. 

Thank you for your time and energy -- we look forward to working with you!

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