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Green Go Delivery

 Welcome to Green Go Delivery :) We discreetly and Profesionally delivery right to your home or business.

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LSD by SD Strains
LSD strain is a 55/45 indica dominant hybrid.

About Green Go Delivery

About Us

Welcome to Green Go Delivery! We discretely and professionally deliver right to your home or business. We deliver to the following areas: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Fallbrook. $40 Minimum donation for delivery.1st time patients please provide the following by TEXT or EMAIL:  I.D.(must be 18+years old) Valid MMJ REC. (760)637.7837 /


Green Go is a delivery service in compliance with CA prop 215, SB 420 Sections 11362.7 & 11362.7 of HSC 

NEW FLOWERS IN:  Hashbar OG, Don Passion, FIRE OG, Green Crack, J1, Lemon Haze, Hawaiian Punch 

Cobra Cartridges: Bruce Banner, Train Wreck, Green Crack, Romulan, Skywalker, Sour Diesel, Fire OG

Ganja Gold Cartridges & Green Tarantula Joints

4 gram 1/8's ALL DAY EVERY DAY $40 Donation 


Specials ---------------------------------------------------

Flowers - Ghost OG 1/2 OZ $50 or Ghost OG OZ $100 

Shatter 3g - $50 


CBD Products: We can deliver CBD directly to your front door or mail you your product.

We carry CBD Tinctures, Vapes, Rubs, Pills, Candy


Regulars Program

We always hook up our regular patients

High quality products delivered to your door, on average 30 minute delivery. Convenient, affordable, and reliable delivery process. Payments accepted in cash, card, venmo. We always hook up are regular patients every time. Last Call 7:30

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