Green Shark Delivery - Hesperia



Green Shark is always Top Shelf-Indoor and dank! JOIN THE GREEN SHARK TRIBE!

   Once a Tribe member, always a member. Once we verify you there is no need and or worry to ever go any were else. We never ask for new paper work. We never sell your information for money, Ever!(unlike other delivery services)  We always provide the best deals with lot's of specials. (especially on those 1/2 ounce specials,right!) Believe me when I say that ANYONE can "test" all this BS green house garbage and still get a decent THC result. Or make our own "house" vape cartridges and call them top-shelf. Dont fall for all this jarga. We only provide top shelf medication, period. We dont make up strain names or even source locally.(The desert is over run with junk flower) We go to great lengths and distance means nothing when it comes to providing the Tribe with the best of the best. Stick with Green Shark! Aloha

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