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Lifted is a safe place for you to publish content, build a community of fans, and earn money for all your hard work.

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Safe place to publish

Instagram, YouTube, etc don't want cannabis content or creators on their platforms. We built Lifted to give you a safe, stable place to publish and earn a living.

Connect Fans

Fans want a place to connect to each other as much as they want to connect to your content. Lifted gives your community its own dedicated online home.

Everything in one

You can publish photos, videos, articles, blogs, podcasts and more on Lifted. You can even publish your own website and mobile app. Lifted does everything you need.

Full Toolkit

We've crafted tools specifically for community engagement within cannabis.

Private Chat

Have your staff be accessible to customers through the app. It's a great way to answer follow-up questions without clogging up your phone lines.

Push Notifications

Make sure your customers never miss a sale or special promotion. Easily send targeted notifications straight to customers' phones.


Connect to Weedmaps or add your products manually. You have the option to do full sales, pre-orders, pick-up or delivery.

Web App

A full website comes as part of the package. You can choose to point your domain to it, or just pull content from our API.

Loyalty Points

Members can earn points in lots of fun ways. We make it easy for them to track their points and redeem them for prizes at your shop.

Events & Contests

We give you tools to engage your community. Throw an event or set up a contest and let your community create content in exchange for points.

Lifted Pro

Take your presence to the next level

Own your online presence

Use your own domain name and get your own branded, white-label mobile app that your fans can download from the App Store and Google Play.

Pro Marketing Tools

Starting with your own native app, Pro gives you incredible marketing tools including custom rewards, Broadcasts, and more.

Advertise in Lifted

With Pro you get access to Lifted Promotions which allows you to advertise to the Lifted community.

Your own mobile app

Lifted lets you create your own community app so you can speak directly to your customers without relying on social networks.

Happy Customers

Here are some of the cannabis companies currently using the Lifted platform to connect with their customers.

99 High Tide Collective

"We see a big response every time we send a push notification about specials. People come in to the shop and reference our app."

Vanessa Rodriguez General Manager

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Erba Collective

"Connecting our menu was so easy. We were receiving orders through the app within the first week. And they've kept coming."

Bob Munoz Owner

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Lifted is a home for cannabis communities



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