CanEx Delivery



Friday, January 31

Earn $10 for every friend you refer to CanEx

Refer a friend and receive $10 off your next order- no limit on referrals.

All referrals receive
20% off their first order!

420bryce sick

ShannonAnonymous Sick indeed, sir 🤓

s3rgioc 🤯

Vicks Sweet..

Kenb Telling everyone I can! 😎

blu409 Gonna put everyone on

blu409 lit 🔥

Vicks Is it possible to get THC levels on the strains eventually?

b0bby actually saved a lot doing this

matthewy Bobby, Where do you share this link?

Ramin98 Reward system been down for a while?

Jamesss nice

clowery98 I didn’t get my referral

b0bby @matthewy Honestly, I know alot of people who smoke lol. I just sent them the link and have them sign up.

jonmenager Great idea!!

meowmoore1990 Love these inventive programs! Will refer anyone I can think of!

rmoka How exactly do i refer someone ? Or send the referral

b0bby Love this company, great product and great service.

jzmn3323 Guys do you deliver In Pasadena my friend wants to order

Lachelletashay Friends on the way

jazzyjanezz Love u guys so friendly and the weed is great!

Raz 5 star service ...quick and relaible 808/rik

Frandy I referred but never got my credit 🤷🏾‍♂️ All good tho need to re-up

kingzpc I have a buddy that would probably join

shh Awesome !

effy Yayyyy

ftw1102 Love this place good prices and better products

jtronex Hell yeah

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