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Saturday, March 9

Good weather is on its way

What a change this winter has been. Excessive rain, lows into the 30’s, and cloudy weather almost daily. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmth and sunshine. The warm weather and longer days are perfect for heading to the beach and lighting one up. I’ll give credit to the rain for one thing though; there’s a lot of green out now, and it has made our LA landscape more beautiful. If you get the chance go check out the desert soon. It looks like Ireland out near Canyon Country, and wildflowers are blooming like I’ve never seen before- enjoy!

RedTank Plan on doing a lot of relaxing before the school year begins- Enjoy

blu409 Need more good weather

shh Very interesting read

kiki93 Yes so am i

Vicks 😎

Angela1973 Can’t wait for warmer weather the winter gets me down but it’s almost time to start planting in the garden to soak up all the sun I can 😎🥰🌞

blu409 What happened to winter it lasted like 5 minutes lol

Jamesss Waiting for this sun!!

jonmenager Over the rain, definitely want warmer weather, haha

meowmoore1990 Love the rain, but I also love the sun! That’s why California is the best!!

b0bby Need the heat, to kill this virus

BrrrrkvdaBlunts I need weed

BrrrrkvdaBlunts I just want to smoke lol

Alex91402 Need some weed

Alex91402 Essential essential

Alex91402 Thanks to Canex for being around in these hard times


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