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Mindbloom is the first treatment for depression and anxiety that "alchemizes psychedelics, software, substances, content and human care into personalized at home experience."

What if you could order a weeks-long course of psychedelic medicines that is delivered to your door and then you are guided through each journey by a therapist and an integration coach over Zoom? What if that therapy could change the neural pathways in your brain to enable new cognitive insights and healthier thinking and emotional patterns and at the same time, help you to break old ones that are causing you distress? What if that therapy were legal in one half of the United States and costs less than your 50-minute hour on the couch with your current talk therapist? 

Our guest this week is Dylan Beynon, founder + CEO of Mindbloom, the first Ketamine-therapy-in-a-box-solution [my phrase] aimed at healing depression and anxiety. This therapeutic modality was created with the contributions of pioneering psychiatrists and psychedelic researchers and, as Beynon says, “it alchemizes psychedelics, software, substances, content and human care into personalized, at home experience.” 

Beynon has been named a "Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executive" and one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in Psychedelics." But his route to Mindbloom started as a teenager growing up with a mother who suffered from a mental illness that rocked his family. Psychedelic experiences sparked a fundamental emotional shift that finally set him on a path towards healing and growth, which he discusses in detail on this most excellent podcast.

 To learn more, check out Mindbloom.com.

And if psychedelic therapy is a topic of interest, you should definitely listen to Episode 114 with Dr. Erica Zelfand.

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